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The journey ahead

It’s been a while since we’ve written anything longer than a shopping list. Maybe the odd social post. In a previous life I was a journalist (in the loosest possible sense) but those skills were lost a long time ago.

So writing this is equally as daunting as the thing I’m going to talk about. But bear with me….

As you’re probably tired of hearing by now, it’s been a funny old year. We’ve all been forced to adapt to a situation we never imagined we’d have to face, and deal with challenges in our professional and personal lives.

I’ve always been active and loved being in, on, and around water my entire life. Being based around Henley on Thames, we’re lucky to be able to paddleboard, open water swim, kayak or row for most of the year.

Out of all of those watersports though, Paddle boarding often give you time for reflection…and this past year has certainly also done that.

Like many of you, unexpected changes in our career last year (read: Covid disrupted everything) meant reevaluating what we wanted to get out of a “job”. And we decided health and happiness were a lot more important than staying on the corporate grind.

So when the opportunity came along to turn our passion of paddle boarding on the beautiful River Thames into something more, it was an obvious decision to make.

We ultimately wanted to do what made us happy. So here we are.

We have no doubt the journey ahead will be tough, terrifying, challenging and stressful. Often all at the same time.

We also know it has the potential to be incredibly exciting, fulfilling, grounding, and bring a much needed balance to our lives. And so the journey begins…

We can’t wait to see you on the water.

The SUP Life x

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