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General info:


Upon booking, you will receive a booking confirmation email with your unique booking details in it.


24hrs before your session, you’ll also receive a reminder email with a lot of the below info in it – please keep your eyes peeled for this mail!


I’ve left you a Voicemail but not heard back

During peak season we’re often out on the water from sunrise to sunset and will rarely pick up voicemail messages until we have time to catch up on admin (often a few days later!)

If your enquiry is urgent, please send us an email and we’ll try and get back to you asap.



Things change and life gets in the way sometimes – we get it! We will do everything we can to accommodate any postponement/ cancellation requests but please bear in mind this isn’t always possible.

For our cancellation policy, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

SUP Lessons:


Can I book a 1:2 lesson?

Yes, of course! The easiest way to do this is to book a Private Group Booking for 2 People. Just select a date and time slot that works for you, and you can book it in. All of our current availability should be reflected on the site.


If you have an existing 1:1 lesson but wish to convert this into a 1:2 lesson, just drop us an email and we can add a second person to the booking no problem.


Where are the lessons?

We operate out of our main base at The Swan at Streatley (RG8 9HR). When you book a lesson, the booking will default to here.

Depending on instructor availability, we may be able to offer paddleboard lessons on the River Thames in a couple of other locations like Sonning or Henley-on-Thames – please email us for those specific requests.


Where do we meet?

During Monday-Thursday, we’ll meet you at the entrance to the meadow at the back of the car park and walk over to the river entry point.


For Friday-Sunday, we’ll meet you at the back of the meadow next to the car park, where you’ll see us set up by the river entry point.


What should I wear?

We would always suggest lightweight layers are best. If you get too hot, you can always take a layer off and stash it in the bungee straps on the front of your paddle board. Tees/ long sleeved tops on top, and shorts or leggings on the bottom.

For your feet, we’d recommend going barefoot, so wear shoes you can slip off and don’t mind leaving on the river bank. If you have water shoes, these are also a great option.


Should I bring anything else?

If you think you’re going to fall in, a towel and a change of clothes could be a good idea! However we always endeavor to keep everyone as dry as possible!


I haven’t received a booking confirmation/ reminder email

From time to time our emails may end up in your Junk folders. Please have a check in there first! If you still haven’t received anything, please drop us a line on


Is all of my equipment supplied?

Of course! We’ll make sure you have everything you need for a fun and safe lesson. So we’ll supply paddleboard, paddle, leash and buoyancy aid. Your boards are covered under our river licenses.


What do I do with my stuff?

We’d suggest leaving whatever you don’t need in your car/ on the riverbank. We can lock valuables/ car keys in our storage unit if you wish.


Do I need a wetsuit?

Honestly…no! The river is fairly warm at the moment, and if you do fall in you’ll dry off fairly quickly. Plus, after 5mins of paddling in a wetsuit during these summer months you’ll be uncomfortably warm (read dripping with sweat…) so we wouldn’t recommend it. However we can provide if you wish during the Autumn months.


Will I get a buoyancy aid?

Of course – see the answer to the equipment question above. Your safety is our priority.


I want to have my lesson somewhere else – is this possible?

We also operate out of Embers Campsite, so instructor availability permitting, we can look at central Henley on Thames as well.


I’m not very sporty/ fit – will I be ok?

Paddleboarding is an inclusive and fun sport that is suitable for anyone and everyone of all abilities. We pride ourselves on taking lessons absolutely at your own pace, and with gentle and patient encouragement we find we can get pretty much everyone up and paddling without too many problems!


SUP Hire:


What’s the deal with SUP Hire?

We offer SUP Hire in either 2hrs, Half Day (4hrs) or Full Day (10hrs) slots


Where can I hire from?

We mainly hire our SUP boards from The Swan at Streatley. Availability allowing, we sometimes offer PoP Up Hire locations elsewhere in the local area so keep your eyes peeled for those.


I only want to hire a board for an hour…

Totally understood. In terms of current logistics, we offer 2 hr/ Half Day/ Full Day to fit around everything else we have going on at the weekend – plus we find people want a board for a couple of hours minimum anyway.
However, after a successful trial event, we’re offering a lot more of our Pop Up Days where we have a fixed SUP Hire location for the whole day, usually at weekends. Here we can offer 1hr Hire slots with dedicated SUP Hire staff.

Our upcoming schedule for these is here – however we are looking at running these for as many weekends as possible during the summer.


Can I get my Hire board delivered somewhere else?

Unfortunately not - we used to offer delivery to specific locations, but we're so busy now we only offer from the above locations. However, they're lovely spots where you can grab something to eat too!


What is included?

Everything you need for a day on the water. We supply your paddle board, paddle, leash and buoyancy aid. If you want the boards packed down to travel, we can deliver packed into a travel bag and supply you with a pump as well.


SUP Fitness Classes:


Wait – Yoga or HIIT on a paddleboard?!?

Yep! We run several SUP YOGA/ SUP FIT classes each week. The classes are as you’d expect – just with the added fun factor of being on a SUP board. Our instructors have tailored the classes to really make the most of being on a board whilst staying true to the core discipline – they’re a great laugh!

We hold these in a calm lagoon of water right in front of The Swan at Streatley on our floating SUP Yoga dock with your instructor in the middle. It’s anchored to the bottom, and you’re clipped on, so you won’t go anywhere.

Find out more about them here: SUP Fitness


I’ve done Yoga/ Pilates before but not paddle boarding – will I be ok?

Yes! We take the SUP side of it very gently. At the start of the lesson we paddle round to the workout dock for a few mins, but if you’re a SUP beginner we do this on your knees. And of course, you’ll be accompanied by a qualified SUP instructor at all times.


What should I wear?

Again, as above, we suggest lightweight layers. You may get a bit hot if the class is particularly hard work. Tees/ long sleeved tops on top, and shorts or leggings on the bottom.

For your feet, we’d recommend going barefoot, so wear shoes you can slip off and don’t mind leaving on the river bank.

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